These designs are some of the marketing material created for the online auction site

Arts of Asia Ad September Mailer October Mailer      

Arts of Asia Ad

September Ad

October Ad


June 2009

Writing About Art

When, which I created for the author in early 2009, became a success, the author approached me about designing a book that would be published by CreateSpace and sold over Amazon. I created the layout, designed the cover and marketing materials, and was responsible for all dealings with the publisher.

  Writing About Art Book Cover   Writing About Art Text Design Writing About Art Poster      

Book Cover

Text Design



spring 2008

Disability Poster

These posters were designed as part of a competition to promote disability awareness.


People Count




spring 2008

Morning to Night

This project is an exercise in information design. It is a timeline illustrating my average day.




fall 2007

Half Court Magazine

Half Court is a small magazine I created about the New York Liberty women's basketball team.

Half Court Half Court Half Court Half Court Half Court



Feature Article

Feature Article

Feature Article

Half Court Half Court Half Court Half Court Half Court

Second Feature

News Section

News Section



fall 2007

China's Pollution Problem

These two posters were based on an article from the New York Times about the problem of pollution in China.

China's Pollution China's Pollution      

Photo Poster

Type Poster

spring 2007

Bioinformatics Logo

The project was to design three different logos for a fictitious company called Bioinformatics.

Bioinformatic Banner Bioinformatic Banners Bioinformatics Logo Bioinformatics Logo Bioinformatics Logo

Type Logos

Graphic Logos

Combined Logos


Logo Usage

spring 2007

Frogs Exhibit Poster

These posters were designed for an exhibit about poisonous tropical frogs at the American Museum of Natural History.

Type Type Frogs Poster Frogs Poster

Type Poster

Type Poster

Graphic Poster

Photo Poster