November 2009

Mock Up of Proposed Public Sculpture Installation

This project was commissioned by an artist, Mary Sweeney, who wished to include a mock up of the installation idea she submitted to a NYC Parks Department competition for a public sculpture in St. Nicholas Park. The beds were created in 3D Studio Max from a small model the artist made, and integrated into three photographs of the site provided by the artist.

Thumbnail of a bed in a park Thumbnail of a bed in a park Thumbnail of a bed in a park    

Two beds

Bed by Rock

Bed on path



Independent Projects

These projects were done on my own time in order to improve my skills in 3D.

Asian Woman thumbnail Roman bust   Cave Dweller


Swamp Dragon

Asian Woman

Roman Bust

Deep Dweller

spring 2008


Mechanis is my final thesis project for my degree. It is an interior set in the Victorian era.

mechanis mechanis movie      




winter 2006

Electronic Design Portfolio

I made these works for a portfolio required for admission to the Electronic Design and Multimedia Program.

Evolving Object 1 Evolving Object 2 Evolving Object 3 Evolving Object 4 Evolving Object 4





Bomber Raid